Plan your next EVENT the Xpresso Delight coffee&go way.


If you would like to have café quality coffee at your next EVENT, then Xpresso Delight coffee&go has the solution to help make your next EVENT something special.

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All Xpresso Delight coffee&go mobile coffee vans are owner operated through our independent Franchise network. All are trained to the highest standards including:

  • Professionally trained baristas.
  • Quality procedures and customer service.
  • Presentation, all are uniformed for easy identification.

All this means our Franchisees only have your complete satisfaction as their priority number 1 goal.

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Xpresso Delight coffee&go caters forsmall through to the largest EVENT. Some of the EVENT types we cater to are:

  • Sporting
  • Community
  • Corporate
  • Business
  • Private
  • Social

EVENT payment options

Xpresso Delight coffee&go provides the following EVENT payment options:

Your customers pay per coffee - Sporting or Community EVENTS

Means we charge all customers a per coffee rate for the duration of the EVENT, this is pre organised with your EVENT coordinator.

You pay a per hour rate - Corporate or Private EVENTS

Means we simply charge you a per hour rate and all coffees are then FREE to your staff, customers or guests during the time allocated.

Either option can be chosen for all and any EVENT.

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Xpresso Delight coffee&go guarantees your next EVENT will experience the best café style coffee ever.

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