Franchisee Testimonials for Queensland

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Xpresso Delight Coffee&go Strathpine – Chris Newman

My introduction to the Xpresso Delight brand commenced when I was looking into Franchise Opportunities in order to take control of my own destiny and not be working as an employee... I first took advantage of the Xpresso Delight Corporate Operation purchasing a pre-existing Franchise with 4 Corporate Machines and 3 POD machines. In a relatively short timeframe I have expanded with the addition of 3 POD machines and 1 Corporate Machine. I have received a great deal of support from Steve & Vivienne Beech, Queensland’s Master Agents, who have been invaluable with their support and assistance in the Corporate Franchise. I think it was the level of support that gave me the confidence to examine the opportunity to expand my business further into the Xpresso Delight coffee&go mobile Solution. Since commencing the coffee&go mobile run I have built a strong base clientele which although still in its infancy is growing daily. I have secured a number of bookings for events in the coming months which will no doubt lead to further exposure for both my mobile run and my corporate franchise. To date I would have to say becoming affiliated with Xpresso Delight has been an extremely rewarding experience and I look forward to further expansion of both divisions of my business.

Xpresso Delight Coffee&go Indooroopilly – Matthew Ormerod

Being your own boss is nearly everyone’s dream. For me, the desire to run my own business was very strong and I realised I needed to just take the plunge and make it happen. Vivienne and Steve have helped and guided me through everything from day one. I always feel at ease knowing that I can always call and ask questions or for help and knowing that they are always happy to assist (no matter how small the problem is). Coffee is a favorite for a vast amount of people and Xpresso Delight coffee&go allows me to mix one of my favorite things – coffee with another major interest – people. Having come from a strong retail management background, I decided this would be a great adventure and I am overjoyed with running my own business, meeting new people and serving them a product that makes them happy no matter what the circumstances. Let’s face it – a chat over coffee is always a favorite for everyone! Building your own business is rewarding and the people you meet makes it even more special. My daily run is growing rapidly as well as my network, I am excited for the future. I know I have made the best and correct decision, joining the Xpresso Delight coffee&go family and won’t ever look back.

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